Jenny Lewis apparently doesn’t care how sick I am, adds more US tour dates for me to write up ASAP

Jenny Lewis apparently doesn't care how sick I am, adds more US tour dates for me to write up ASAP

Super-obscure, super-independent, super-reclusive, super-DIY, and super-controversial audiovisual artist Jenny Lewis is probably best known for all of the orgiastic and outrageously sexual, boundary-pushing, questionably-tasted, shock-and-awe audio/visual art that she’s been accosting the ears and eyes of her tiny group of in-the-know followers.

It naturally came as some surprise, then, back in May when she surfaced to announce that her latest “experiment” was going to be a new album of straight-laced and generally catchy roots-rock music called The Voyager and released all over the world in July on the well-known Warner Bros. record label. Hangers-on debated the obvious questions for weeks and months: what was Lewis’ angle here? Clearly the work was meant as some sort of seething critique of popular culture… but what exactly was the critique?

Well, damned if I can shed any new light on the subject. But I think it’s pretty obvious that one of the keys to this mystery probably lies in the slew of new US tour dates that Lewis has slyly added to her agenda this fall. Something tells me that the other shoe is sure to drop at one of these shows, and her grand Gesamtkuntzwerk will finally be revealed to the faithful few whom are lucky enough to be gathered there. Here’s hoping you, reader.

Jenny Lewis does America:

10.04.14 - Dallas, TX - Southside Music Hall
10.05.14 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Music Festival
10.07.14 - New Orleans, LA - Civic Theatre
10.11.14 - Mexico City - Corona Capital Music Festival
10.12.14 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Music Festival
10.24-26.14 - Las Vegas, NV - Life is Beautiful Festival
10.25.14 - San Diego, CA - House of Blue
11.05.14 - New York, NY - Terminal 5
11.08.14 - Ithaca, NY- State Theater
11.11.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
11.12.14 - Richmond, VA - The National
11.14.14 - Atlanta, GA - Buckhead Theatre
11.15.14 - Nashville, TN - Marathon Music Works

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