Jeremih booted from PARTYNEXTDOOR’s Summer’s Over tour

Jeremih booted from PARTYNEXTDOOR’s Summer's Over tour

Jeremih and PARTYNEXTDOOR went on tour together and called it “SUMMER’S OVER.” I mean, that is true, dudes, but why name your good-times tour after the hangover instead of the party? That’s asking for trouble. So maybe it was karma, but some stuff on this tour didn’t go right. Tensions flared, and shit was talked (on stage, no less). Then, in Houston five nights ago, Jeremih even allegedly sent an imposter to perform in his place. The evidence:

Jeremih is now off the tour. Think about it: what if you sent an imposter in your place at work? Would you get fired? Yes, yes you would. But would you make a cheeky IG post about it afterward?


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