Jeremih readies new album, plus a mixtape called Not On My Album

Jeremih readies new album, plus a mixtape called Not On My Album

I decided to pretty much tune out everything relevant about R&B singer Jeremih after one horrifying summer incident where my mother requested to hear “that song that everyone has been talking about, ‘Birthday Sex,’ I think it’s called?” I probably would have told you he was just a one-hit wonder, a novelty act, if you had asked me about him just days ago.

BUT! It appears that Jeremih has kept himself quite busy since that year where everyone went around singing “Birthday Sex” to people on their birthdays. He released an album in 2010, featuring collaborations with Ludacris and 50 Cent that apparently did sort of well on the Billboard charts, and just put out an EP with the producer Shlohmo. Now he’s set to release a new album via Def Jam called Thumpy Johnson in the fall.

Before then, however, the man who once asked the world to put aside their candles and cake in favor of some birthday lovin’ will release a mixtape of material that didn’t quite make the Thumpy cut. Said mixtape is aptly titled N.O.M.A. (Not On My Album), and it will drop on August 4. Here’s a video for “She Know It” off that one:

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