DEAD AGAIN: The Jesus Lizard are defunct once more

DEAD AGAIN: The Jesus Lizard are defunct once more

RIP (again) The Jesus Lizard. Singer David Yow, guitar player Duane Denison, bassist David Wm. Sims, and drummer Mac McNeilly have tucked in the legendary noise rock band and said good night. The aggro (former) Austinites reunited in 2008-2009 after breaking up in 1999. The band toured the US and made major festival stops, including All Tomorrow’s Parties in both England and New York. Denison told Rolling Stone that the band has parted amicably. So don’t worry, little Jimmy. The Jesus Lizard still loves you. This wasn’t your fault.

Denison said, “That reunion tour went so well – we kept it brief, and we didn’t extend it – that it just seemed natural to some of us to just go, ‘Well, let’s do an album. We all can still play, we get along, let’s do it,’” but that “certain members” just weren’t feeling it. “Certain members” felt they all lived too far away from each other and thought a post-reunion LP was cliché. Denison explained that he also wanted to play some new tracks whilst the band toured what Rolling Stone deemed the “indie-rock nostalgia circuit” (unintentional OUCH, guys) but that other members wanted to just stick with the classics.

The Jesus Lizard released a DVD of the band’s first reunion performance called Club. A fancy schmancy coffee table book called… Book, complete with “writings,” photos, and possibly a live DVD, is out August 7.

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