Jim Jarmusch’s SQÜRL to unleash new EP on Sacred Bones, share “The Dark Rift” to help make human misery seem exciting and interesting

Jim Jarmusch's SQÜRL to unleash new EP on Sacred Bones, share "The Dark Rift" to help make human misery seem exciting and interesting
Photo: Sara Driver (Photogeneity: Jim Jarmusch)

Can I just go ahead and say what we’re all thinking? Most days, EVERYTHING SUCKS SO HARD. Right? I mean — life is a boring mess of bullshit, and usually, we all just slowly muddle through the day’s inane tasks and try to kill another 16-18 hours until we can go the fuck to sleep again. Don’t you agree???

Well, TODAY IS NOT MOST DAYS. Because today, Jim Jarmusch’s heavy, sludgy, whacked-out psych trio SQÜRL (Carter Logan and Shane Stoneback are in it too) have once again emerged from New York’s grimy, shadowy underbelly to blast away our boredom with the release of their latest ice-cold EP of heroically awesome jammery. SHA-BAM: suddenly, everything is cool.

“Even the terrible stuff?” Dude. ESPECIALLY THE TERRIBLE STUFF.

The new EP, which is entitled EP #260, is out to save our sanity on July 14 on Sacred Bones, and we can pre-order it digitally right now from our illustrious saviors’ Bandcamp.

“Why’s it called EP #260?” Dude. Here’s why it’s called EP #260:

Contradictions embraced: AlthoughSQÜRL’smusic is anti-mathematic, SQÜRL loves mathematics. We love the Fibonacci numbers. And magic numbers. Perfect numbers. Bell numbers. Catalan numbers. 260 is none of these. It isn’t a perfect number, and not factional of any number. It’s not even a regular number. 260, though, is the number of days in all Mesoamerican calendars. The Mayan calendar. The Tolkien calendar. 260 is also the number of days of human gestation (orangutans also). 260 also has an elliptical connection to the dark rift; a series of molecular dust clouds located between our solar system and the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way. And although not a magic number, 260 is the magic constant of the magic square investigated by Benjamin Franklin, and part of the solution to a famous chess problem; the n-queens problem for n=8. 260 is also the country code for Zambia. And the US area code for Fort Wayne, Indiana. Therefore, SQÜRL has labeled this recording EP #260.

EXCITED yet? If not, maybe the EP’s first taste will get your endorphins pumping. “The Dark Rift” is a stoned, hypnotic, instrumental megajam that’ll even make you feel like some ancient Greek TITAN while you’re washing the damn dishes. Seriously. I just scrubbed my toilet while listening to it. It was exhilarating.

EP #260 tracklisting:

01. Solstice
02. The Dark Rift
03. Equinox
04. Gates of Ishtar (Equinox Remix by Anton Newcombe)
05. The Dark Rift (Föllakzoid Remix)

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