Jim O’Rourke announces vinyl series for Editions Mego, sings Enka on Japanese TV

Jim O'Rourke announces vinyl series for Editions Mego, sings Enka on Japanese TV

Jim O’Rourke, best known as the guy without his own official website, has announced a “nearly regular” series of vinyl releases for Editions Mego. The first installment, titled Old News No. 5, is a double LP featuring four lengthy tracks that document live and recorded material as old as 1992 and as new as 2010. eMego says the series will highlight O’Rourke’s “analog synth and tape works,” and if the title of the first installment is any indication (and it is), the series will pick up after his first four, extremely limited Old News releases. Not many people have heard #3 and #4, but the first two installments — sold on Japanese tours with Diskaholics Anonymous Trio and Mirror, respectively — are “totally rad.”

Look for Old News No. 5 June 10. You can pre-order at eMego here.

Meanwhile, no word yet on O’Rourke’s many-years-in-the-making orchestral pop album, but hey, what’s stopping you from listening to 2009’s Drag City release, The Visitor (TMT Review)?

Now that I’ve got you all worked up, check out O’Rourke singing Enka on Japanese TV:


Old News No. 5 tracklist:

01. Pedal & Pedal #
02. Detain The Man To Whom $
03. It’s Not His Room Anymore ^
04. Mother and Who *

# recorded live at Super Deluxe, Tokyo, 2010
$ recorded at Steamroom, Chicago, 1992
^ recorded at Steamroom, Tokyo, 2010
* recorded at Steamroom Mobile, London, 2003

• Jim O’Rourke: http://tisue.net/orourke
• Editions Mego: http://editionsmego.com

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