Jim O’Rourke and PBK release collaborative LP on Lasse Marhaug’s Pica Disk

Jim O'Rourke and PBK release collaborative LP on Lasse Marhaug's Pica Disk

When you pull the string embedded in our backs and point us in the direction of Jim O’Rourke, we at Tiny Mix Tapes have a number of catchphrases. For instance, we might say “Holy shit,” or, “Yes, we are familiar with the concept of downloading music digitally,” or even, “Hey now that you mention it, where did you buy that sweet bucket hat?” Well now, our manufacturers have seen fit to add an additional phrase to our arsenal, namely: “Well, I suppose, just give me a minute and let me pull out my wallet here so I can order that collaborative LP you did with Phillip B. Klingler.” The reason for this new catchphrase is the fact that Jim O’Rourke and Phillip B. Klingler (a.k.a. PBK) have released a collaborative LP entitled Unidentified Again.

The new LP is out now on Lasse Marhaug’s Pica Disk. It’s the culmination of a long, epistolary friendship (with an almost equally longstanding intention to collaborate) between the two that began in the late 80s, paused for a bit in the 90s and early 2000s, and was born again on the occasion of the shipment of a Merzbow record in 2012. Fittingly, Unidentified Again came about by way of the two musicians sending one another source materials to mix and manipulate.

Read more about the album on the Pica Disk website and listen to a sample track below.

In other news, Jim O’Rourke’s new solo album, Simple Songs, is out next week on Drag City. If you’re in Japan tomorrow, be sure to head to the Tokyo Festival of Modular, where Mr. O’Rourke will be performing with his Serge Modular!

Unidentified Again tracklisting:

A. The Turning Night
B. Myths in Translation
C. End of the Landscape
D. Long Lain in the Stream

• Jim O’Rourke: http://steamroom.bandcamp.com
• PBK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PBK/47347591452
• Pica Disk: http://www.picadisk.com

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