Jim O’Rourke & CM von Hausswolff release new album on Ideal Recordings

Jim O’Rourke & CM von Hausswolff release new album on Ideal Recordings
CM von Hausswolff

While we forever-denizens of the Tiny Mix Tapes Undersea News Compound were getting an early start on our Memorial Day weekend — via the cracking of brewskis and the feats of strength and the honoring of all news writers who came before us — Jim O’Rourke and C.M. von Hausswolff apparently went and dropped a whole-ass album on us on Friday.

In, Demons, In is out now on Ideal Recordings. It features two 20-minute slabs of drone, one per vinyl side (or, if you’re one of those “streamer” kids, two 20-minute “YouTubes” of drone, one per Spotify).

Regardless how you listen, a 40-minute slab of capital-D drone is the one (1) thing sure to give your shitty, post-holiday week a good kick in the pants. And hey, even if you missed out on Memorial Day, the fourth of July is just around the corner; a perfect time to let the demons in.

Order In, Demons, In! here, and view it’s (admittedly brief) tracklist below.

In, Demons, In! tracklist:

01. In, Demons, In! (Half Way In)
02. In, Demons, In! (All the Way In)

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