Jim O’Rourke finally releases his catalog digitally (now that everyone’s safely into vinyl again!), streams Simple Songs on NPR

Jim O'Rourke finally releases his catalog digitally (now that everyone's safely into vinyl again!), streams Simple Songs on NPR

Hiya, readers! So, remember — like, I don’t know… yesterday? — when our old buddy Jim “Why Soooo Seeeeeriouuuus?” O’Rourke used to routinely piss us all off by never releasing any of his pretty uniformly awesome, new-fangled records digitally because he assumed that we’d just all exploitatively download them for nothing from Mediafire.com and shovel ‘em absent-mindedly onto our MP3 players between Jethro Tull and Joan of Arc and never actually listen to more than one song of them at a time while chewing Bubble-Tape and lifting weights at the same gym where Fred Durst probably works out???

Well, that was YESTERDAY.

Because TODAY (actually as of last week, kinda, but still!), none of that shit matters and you can, yup, basically download the ever-loving daylights out of whatever the hell Jim O’Rourke music you want and do whatever disgusting shit you want with it in the privacy of your own disgusting excuse for a home! End of story. Go download some.

Oh. Wait. Except not really; it’s actually only his “proper” solo album stuff (Bad Timing, Eureka, Halfway To A Threeway, Insignificance, The Visitor, and the forthcoming Simple Songs (when it comes out on May 19). And they’re… only available from Drag City as those stupid lossless FLAC files, not MP3s. So it’s still, you know, pretty stubborn and inconvenient for everyone who isn’t Neil Young. Thanks a fuckton, Jim! Oh well, let’s be honest: we’d all lick coleslaw shreds out of a urinal if we thought O’Rourke peed on them earlier.

Meanwhile, check out Simple Songs streaming on NPR or stay on TMT and listen to this clip:

• Jim O’Rourke: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_O%27Rourke_%28musician%29
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com

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