Jlin returns with new album Black Origami, collaborates with Holly Herndon and William Basinski

Jlin returns with new album Black Origami, collaborates with Holly Herndon and William Basinski
Photo: Mahdumita Nandi

THIS IS NOT a footwork DRILL, people. This is the REAL (and dangerously funky) THING.

After teasing, tempting, and tweakin’ us all up with that classic “Listen up, this is where I’m headed next” stopgap EP trick, Gary, Indiana-based producer Jlin is back to make good on those erstwhile musical provocations by o’-to-the-fficially announcing that her sophomore LP, Black Origami, will be released into the dancehall-wilderness on May 19 via Planet Mu.

The album — which will be available in 2xLP, CD, and digital formats and includes an “unlikely collaboration” with minimalist guru William Basinski (“Holy Child”), as well as another match-up with Holly Herndon (“1%”), among other guests (Fawkes, Dope Saint Jude) — is being described as a “percussion-led tour de force” inspired largely by her ongoing collaborations with Bangalore, India-born choreographer and performance artist Avril Stormy Unger (with whom she collaborated at a recent Unsound festival). Jlin describes the conceptual drive behind the album’s title is “this driving feeling that I wanted to do something different, something that challenged me to my core.”

“Black Origami” for me, comes from letting go creatively, creating with no boundaries. The simple definition of origami is the art of folding and constructing paper into a beautiful, yet complex design. Composing music for me is like origami, only I’m replacing paper with sound. I chose to title the album Black Origami because like “Dark Energy” I still create from the beauty of darkness and blackness. The willingness to go into the hardest places within myself to create for me means that I can touch the Infinity.

In a REALLY NEAT coincidence, though, all these heady abstractions like “spirituality” and “infinity” sure do sound seductive and funky as hell on wax. Stay tuned for live dates, check out the Planet Mu store to pre-order your copy, and listen to album track “Nyakinyua Rise” below if you need a quick refresher on how “touch[ing] the Infinity” works.

Black Origami tracklisting:

01. Black Origami
02. Enigma
03. Kyanite
04. Holy Child
05. Nyakinyua Rise
06. Hatshepsut
07. Calcination
08. Carbon 7 (161)
09. Nandi
10. 1%
11. Never Created, Never Destroyed
12. Challenge (To Be Continued)

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