Joe Talia plans new LP release on Oren Ambarchi’s Black Truffle imprint

Joe Talia plans new LP release on Oren Ambarchi's Black Truffle imprint

Alright, bring it in, team. You know me. I am your beloved football coach. You’re doing good work out there on the football field under those hot halogen lights on this muggy Midwestern night. Even though you’re the underdogs in this high-pressure sports situation, I have faith in your ability to win one for my gipper. But, that’s not why I gathered you in to this huddle. In fact, I indicated that I would like to pursue a timeout during this event in order to tell you about the next release on Oren Ambarchi’s Black Truffle label from Joe Talia. So listen close, and perhaps my gipper will smile upon us this night.

As you may know, Talia has not released since 2006’s In/Exterior. Of course, he has not been hiding behind musical line of scrimmage, waiting for a hike that never comes. No, indeed he has been rushing fast along the baseline of the field that we call “Music VS. Life” — keeping busy as a recording engineer, and dropping occasional collaborations with the likes of Oren Ambarchi, Jim O’Rourke, and James Rushford. But here we are. It’s 2018 and Talia is making a solitary drive to the end zone of that field I just mentioned — I guess either in the direction of Music or Life, depending on your perspective.

This solo release is called Tint. It’s out May 4, and it finds Talia exploring the full range of his capacities. It pulls together his mastery of percussion with analog synth work and a facility with the ins and outs of a recording studio to create music that spans all the way from “minimalist austerity” to “kosmische lushness,” “all the while turning away from a “dark and moody sonic palette” into something breezy, and “almost weightless.” To put all of this in sports terms, it is like when you are trying to do a hard thing against another player and you use up to ten or eleven individual muscles all at once to overpower them.

Anyway, I know most of you left your cellphones in the locker room, but if you feel like you want to go ahead and pre-order Tint — and listen to some audio clips from it to help psych yourself up — at this link here.

Got all that? Great. Now, get out there and make all of the Midwestern faces in the stands light up like it’s Christmas morning and your athletic abilities are the present they have received ‘neath that evergreen tree! BREAK.

Tint tracklist:

01. Clouded Night Part 1
02. Clouded Night Part 2

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