John Cale, fun-loving layabout, to release Extra Playful on Domino imprint

John Cale, fun-loving layabout, to release Extra Playful on Domino imprint

With roughly 50 years in the business of making music, it seems that by now John Cale would be nothing but straight-laced and serious. Well, if you thought that, you’d be wrong and you’d be a fool. Cale’s as spry and whimsical as he’s ever been! “Why get a job when I can play jacks?” asked Cale. “Or push a hoop with a stick?” For what it’s worth, John Cale may be under the impression that he’s a circa-1920s street urchin.

Whatever Cale is or isn’t, he is definitely planning to show his fun-loving side with the Extra Playful EP, his first release since 2005’s blackAcetate. The EP will be Cale’s first release on Domino imprint and new best buddies for life Double Six. Between games of hopscotch and tiddlywinks, the two parties established that the new EP will be out digitally on September 19, with a 12-inch vinyl release following on September 27. According to Double Six’s press release, the record “[freewheels] through springy beats, snaking, shonky guitar lines and zones of exciting texture,” while the lyrics “veer from richly poetic to extra playful.”

As beautiful as this new friendship is, one has to wonder if it shall last forever. Good news: it shall! Or, at the very least, it will last through 2012, when Cale releases a full-length album through Double Six. But, hey, let’s not worry about the future, let’s have a snowball fight! (Snowball fight offer not valid until the oppressive heat of summer finally fades.)

Extra Playful tracklist:

01. Catastrofuk
02. Whaddya Mean by That?
03. Hey Ray
04. Pile a L’Heure
05. Perfection

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