John Carpenter to release album of “lost themes”! Your move again, David Lynch!

John Carpenter to release album of "lost themes"! Your move again, David Lynch!

Hey, you guys know John Carpenter, right? American film director, screenwriter, producer, editor, and composer dude? Worked his magic on, among other stuff, all kinds of iconic horror-ish, sci-fi-ish, thriller-ish movies from the 1970s and 80s like Escape from New York, Halloween, The Fog, and of course, my personal favorite, They Live???

Right. Good. Well… old guy must have gotten wind of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti’s megasweet plans to reissue the Twin Peaks soundtracks in January of next year in advance of the spooky mystery series’ triumphant return in 2016 and felt a tad bit jealous! Because — and this is all according to the blood-and-gore-fetishizing website Shock Till You Drop that I read all the time — THAT VERY SAME John Carpenter (along with Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis, of course) participated in a Q&A last night in Hollywood, CA following a screening of that film put on as part of this creepy nerd festival thing that I totally attend all the time called Beyond Fest. And while he was there, among other presumably excruciatingly-specific details of his film and music prowess, Carpenter also happened to reveal that he plans on putting out “an album that will contain all of his ‘lost’ themes” sometime “early next year”!

Bam! Take that, Lynch and Badalamenti! You’re not the only ones who can cash in on everyone’s current seemingly non-ironic obsession with eerie, murky, ethereal, and lugubrious musical themes played oh-so-gravely on the most cheeseball-sounding synthesizers the time period had to offer!

Unfortunately, beyond Carpenter’s assurance that the thing is coming out, there’s not much more information to go on (apparently, all Carpenter said beyond that was “buy it”!), so… the race is on to see whose album actually comes out first next year. Oh, what an exciting time to be alive, readers!

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