John Chantler to release Which Way To Leave? on Room40, shares video

John Chantler to release Which Way To Leave? on Room40, shares video
Photo: Micke Keysendal

Which Way To Leave? is the title of John Chantler’s newest release, out August 26 on Room40, and it’s perhaps a commentary on Chantler’s mindset after spending long periods of time in locations thousands of miles away from one another. There’s so much of the world worth seeing, so once you appreciate that, the question for the middling vagabond isn’t whether one should travel, but where one should visit and possibly live next.

Stockholm is the option currently decided upon by the Australian-born Chantler, and his Swedish home comes post-long-term stints in both London and Japan. You can seee candid images of Sweden in the video for the track “Falling Forward” below. Musically, the dirty mod synth sounds seem weirdly congruous with the exploration of literal, relatively new territory. Guest appearances from Carina Thorén (For Barry Ray) and cellist Okkyung Lee help with the navigation.

Which Way to Leave? follows more than a few Chantler releases on Room40, including his debut Monoke from 2003 and U, the 2008 collaboration with Tujiko Noriko and (Room40 head) Lawrence English.

Which Way to Leave? tracklisting:

01. Falling Forward
02. Two and Four
03. Clearing
04. Fixation Pulse
05. Lesser Demands
06. All Visible Signs
07. First December
08. Second December
09. Beginning Again

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