Johnny Jewel announces EP exclusive to Kickstarter campaign for documentary about Twin Peaks “log lady” Catherine Coulson

Johnny Jewel announces EP exclusive to Kickstarter campaign for documentary about Twin Peaks "log lady" Catherine Coulson

Happy Chromatics season, loyal readers! Of course, as you already know, every season is Chromatics season as long as Johnny Jewel has the work ethic of Sisyphus on Adderall…but today’s Chromatics-adjacent news is extra special, because it’s about an especially significant project tied to another topic perennially on TMT’s office moodboard: Twin Peaks.

Here’s the scoop: there’s a Kickstarter campaign going on as we speak for an authorized documentary film about the life of the late Catherine Coulson, known to many as the Log Lady from Twin Peaks. The film is called I Know Catherine, The Log Lady, and backers for the movie can get all sorts of related goodies. But of particular interest to TMT readers will be an exclusive 5-track Johnny Jewel EP titled Ageless. The EP is composed of unreleased tracks the musician worked on during the sessions for Twin Peaks: The Return, and it’s available to everyone who buys in at the $25 tier or higher. Check out the EP’s title track below!

For those with interest in the documentary, know that it will not just focus on the actress’s beloved role as the Log Lady; it will also explore her commitment to friends and family, the environment, and her career on stage and screen. Additionally, it features an exclusive interview with David Lynch, as well as the participation of actors Kyle MacLachlan and Kimmy Robertson, and even more music from Chrysta Bell and Silencio. For more information on the movie, check out the Kickstarter page and watch the campaign video below.

But now that I’ve got your attention, folks, there’s some URGENT NEWS: the campaign for I Know Catherine, The Log Lady ends this SATURDAY, and it has not yet met its funding goal! That’s right: if the movie doesn’t get funded, you will never hear this Johnny Jewel EP as long as you live! It will forever be “wrapped in plastic,” so to speak! So if you’re as interested in Twin Peaks and Johnny Jewel as I think you are, then head to Kickstarter and get funding! The stars turn and a time presents itself, and that time is NOW!

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