Joker celebrates a decade of Kapsize with 3 New 12-inch Releases

Joker celebrates a decade of Kapsize with 3 New 12-inch Releases

We’ve all experienced weeks, months, and years that seem to blast by. Mouths agape, we ask: Where did the time go? But how many of us say that about a decade?

Kapsize, run by bass wunderkind Joker, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. With Tectonic reaching its own milestone this year with its 100th release (which, funny enough, Joker appears on), maybe we should start calling the 2010’s “the Bassies?” I can hear the internet trolls already.

But when we talk about the decade of dubstep, we mean the good kind: before the kiddies co-opted it. And Joker has done his fair share in spearheading this with his brand of tasteful production, a chief proponent of the Bristol “purple sound.” His tracks steer dubstep and grime out of the expected places that commonly produce disdain among music nerds. And those eighties video games timbres and blooming, bright synth leads — and, of course, that teeth-chattering low end — are all the more impressive when considering that, ten years ago, Joker was just cranking tracks out…on his own imprint…when he was nineteen.

To commemorate, light up some purp and rattle your windows with the atmospheric, Blade Runner-inspired “Anamorphic,” from the first 12” release, below:

12” trilogy tracklisting and release dates:

Anamorphic / Forever

01. Anamorphic
02. Forever
Available now

Marching Orders / Polka Dots

01. Marching Orders Ft. Footsie
02. Marching Orders (Instrumental)
03. Polka Dot
Available May 18

Boat / Deploy

01. Boat
02. Deploy
Available June 8

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