Jonathan William Scherk premieres “In a State of Love” from just-released new album Modelled, sets off my US English spellcheck with extra “L” in Modelled

Jonathan William Scherk premieres "In a State of Love" from just-released new album Modelled, sets off my US English spellcheck with extra "L" in Modelled

Remember, remember, the twentieth of November…eh, that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as nicely as “fifth.” But hey, if Vancouver native Jonathan William Scherk can add an extra “L” to Modelled, then an extra syllable in a well-known rhyme shouldn’t throw off such savvy readers as yourselves.

Still, I’m burying the lede — today’s the day, you guys! November 20: a.k.a. the day that Scherk drops his new masterwork of experimental ambient doodles and sampled sketches, a bubbling hot spring of electronic sound art that’s chock full of gentle melodies which burst as they reach the surface.

Released via London cassette label videogamemusic, Modelled’s textures and samples intermingle with and repeat themselves, creating patterns which can then be “molded,” “shaped,” “sculpted,” “developed,” and other-synonyms-for-“modelled” (that L!) by the mind to exhort maximum engagement. The psychological results of all this constant stimulation is an inspiring rush of creativity as the brain begins to fire on all cylinders. Like: I’m going to go write a book, or paint a picture, or jog for miles! (I’m NOT going to go blow up Parliament or do anything remotely Fawkesian! I should just drop that reference.)

You may recognize Scherk from 2015’s gorgeous self-released Catalogue: 1-12 and/or the Peaceful Protest comp released earlier this year on RVNG. Heck, you might even know him personally (from what I understand, he’s a really ace guy).

But regardless of whether you’re acquainted or not, you can order yourself a copy the cassette (each of which which includes a “unique silk-screened sleeve on super nice paper”) right here, and you can also check out the album track “In a state of love” below, which should give you a nice aural sense of how the burgeoning romantic feelings toward another human being can sometimes feel like fizzy Alka-Seltzer tablets and ocean currents converging inside your body.

Modelled tracklisting:

01. I’m you
02. c’c
03. Untitled 1
04. Oh_softer
05. Quench feat. Broshuda
06. Model
07. Untitled 2
08. Protection
09. Untitled 3
10. In a state of love
11. Allchloe
12. Never Changing
13. You make (leave) me speechless
14. Untitled 4

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