Jono Ma (of Jagwar Ma) & Dreems announce pragmatically-titled The Dreemas EP

Jono Ma (of Jagwar Ma) & Dreems announce pragmatically-titled The Dreemas EP

How cool is it to have mates? Old mates especially. You know, like: the type of mate that you might only drop in on once or twice a year but it doesn’t matter cuz you know them so well that there’s no hard feelings, you can just pick up where you left off and go back to being mates. THOSE kinds of mates.

Awesome stuff right?

Well, two such mates are the Australian ex-patriots Jono Ma (from Jagwar Ma) and Angus Gruzman (a.k.a. Dreems) who have apparently been mates for aaaaages and have now fully cemented their mate-ship with a new 12-inch vinyl they put together. Isn’t that just the sweetest thing? Yeah. It’s called The Dreemas and will be released by Kompakt January 19.

The EP features three tasty cuts of techno the pair assembled from various locations around Europe, and you can get down and boogie to the bonus digital only single “Can’t Stop Dreaming (Of You)” if you hit play on the video down below. You can also pre-order The Dreemas via Kompakt right now. Or ask your mate to do it for ya!

The Dreemas EP tracklisting:

01. A Love Trance Mission From Nk to 7s
02. Springfield
03. Ezy2141

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