Josephine Foster revives her band Mendrugo, announces new album More Amor

Josephine Foster revives her band Mendrugo, announces new album More Amor
Photo: Cat Stevens

Not six months after releasing the superb No More Lamps in the Morning, Josephine Foster returns with new music. The Colorado-born singer is teaming up with members of the Victor Herrero Band (Victor and brother José Luis), Japanese woodwind artist Taku, and Spanish folkster Lorena Alvarez to bring her band Mendrugo back to life. In fact, they’ve already announced their debut LP, More Amor. Although most of the musicians involved in 2016’s incarnation of Mendrugo had recorded together before, the group being active at least since 2011, this is Mendrugo’s first full-length release.

If No More Lamps in the Morning revisited and redressed a few songs off Foster’s back catalogue, More Amor collects a free-spirited collaboration that took place in September 2014, with the five musicians flowing through different moods and sounds. What connects these 11 songs is a jovial energy harkening back to the 1960s’ eccentric readings of Latin American folklore (“Velluda” includes a sly shout-out to Os Mutantes, “Tata Santa” or “Te adoro” would not feel out of place in Spinettalandia y sus amigos), with a captivating communal vibe (“La breva”, “Atapuerquillo”, “Macho y hembra”) that, despite its occasional scruffiness, has no problem embracing the most elegant tangents of Foster’s vocals (“Estrella fugaz”).

More Amor is out July 29 via Fire Records.

More amor tracklisting
01. Introito Calliope
02. Velluda
03. La Breva
04. Manolo
05. Atapuerquillo
06. Estrella Fugaz
07. Tanta Santa
08. Emboniga
09. Macho y Hembra
10. Matutu
11. Te adoro

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