Mysterious dumpster of wonders yields rare recordings from Joy Division and New Order

Mysterious dumpster of wonders yields rare recordings from Joy Division and New Order

Things you could find if you look through MY garbage: too many wine bottles, angrily torn-up credit card offers, assorted gross shit. Things you could find if you were the type of person to dig through legendary post-punk producer Martin Hannett’s garbage: a copy of the original master tapes for Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, a box labeled “Joy Division Outtakes,” a couple simply labeled “New Order” and “Joy Division,” plus recordings from Magazine, Psychedelic Furs, The Durutti Column, Slaughter and the Dogs, and the always intriguing “and more.” Okay, so nobody is saying these tapes actually came straight outta Martin Hannett’s trash bin. In fact, nobody’s saying where they came from really at all. They were discovered by Julia Adamson, former sound engineer at Strawberry Studios in Manchester, where she worked with Hannett. Adamson also played in the Fall and What?Noise, the latter of which also had a tape or two discarded in this dumpster of wonders.

Adamson posted a photo of a few dozen of the tapes on her Facebook page, offering them up to any interested fans. Peter Hook ain’t interested. Are you? Says Adamson, “The digital copies will be available for all the artists and record companies … the tapes have always belonged to me, as I rescued them. I am keen for a collector to have them (the whole collection ideally) as they are very old and probably deteriorating and should be baked or whatever, nor do I really want to look after them anymore.” Also, $$$$.

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