The Juan MacLean to release digital-only (and not necessarily new) album Everybody Get Close on DFA

The Juan MacLean to release digital-only (and not necessarily new) album Everybody Get Close on DFA

Remix albums almost always receive a healthy dose of skepticism from me, to the point where I’d prefer to just completely ignore their existence in whatever artist’s catalog. I can probably count on a single hand the number of remix albums that I’ve actually enjoyed, and I attribute this fact to the inherent unoriginality associated with such releases. Compared to the experience of listening to an album of completely new material for the first time, they just aren’t the same. And it’s rare that they maintain a similar degree of stylistic consistency.

Now, if you share my self-righteous opinion, I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that The Juan MacLean’s newest, digital-only album Everybody Get Close isn’t entirely remixes. Eight of the 11 tracks are either songs that appeared originally on the Find a Way EP (which was only previously available at Juan MacLean live shows), or previously released outtakes. So, you know, there’s still not really any new material on this album (to be released November 7), but at least fans won’t have to endure 40 minutes of variously attributed electronic pop incongruity. The title track is available for download here.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that John MacLean and bandmate Nancy Whang have begun work on a genuine 3rd LP for DFA, which is, as of now, unnamed. Presumably, the hope is that Everybody Get Close will tide you over in the meantime.

Everybody Get Close tracklisting:

01. Find a Way
02. Let’s Talk About Me
03. Human Disaster (Holmes Price Version)
04. Deviant Device
05. When I Am with You
06. Feel So Good
07. Happy House (Cut Copy Remix)
08. X2
09. The Robot
10. Human Disaster (Jee Day Remix)
11. Everybody Get Close

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