The Juan Maclean to Release Sophomore Album in April, Continues to Justify Use of Definite Article Beside His Own Name

If you walked into any decent club in 2008 with the intention of shaking your ass, you inevitably heard The Juan Maclean’s infectious single “Happy House” and commenced to set your ass to shaking. Wait a tick, I have absolutely no evidence to back that up. I don’t think I ever set foot in a single dance club for the whole of 2008, or even my whole life, now that I think about it. The horseshit dives I usually frequent are little more than crackhouses with better roofs and fewer emaciated dogs. I have no idea what the club scene is like in any city, let alone my own. What am I doing writing about a supposed club standard like The Juan Maclean? Moreover, what am I doing with my life? Maybe I should go to grad school after all...

Waaaah fuck! No! Get out of here, bad thoughts, and take that grad school talk with ya! Okay, get it together, McHugh, and report this shit the lazy way. Eh hem: I really liked The Juan Maclean’s “Happy House,” and I really liked his (Or is it “their?” What’s with this band anyway?) 2005 album Less Than Human. Okay, that part’s done.

Now, the press release called “Happy House” an a “international club anthem,” so as long as I unabashedly trust everything press releases say (which I always do), I think I now have the authority vested in me to report that The Juan Maclean will release their new album The Future Will Come April 14 on the dependably dancy DFA Records. Oh man, I think I even have enough clout leftover to announce that the album will be bookended with The Juan Maclean’s other ’08 club stomper “The Simple Life.” Phew! I’m sure glad I could get through all that with my cred intact!

Oh yeah, and the band or dude or what/whoever are gonna release a new 12-inch for the tune “One Day” and has two dates left on his/their/whatever European tour. I don’t know if I have enough cred remaining to say those two things, so I’m just gonna list the dates and the tracklist and get the fuck out of here.

02.06.09 – Lisbon, Portugal – Lux
02.07.09 – Barcelona, Spain - Razzmatazz

The Future Will Come tracklist:

1. The Simple Life
2. The Future Will Come
3. One Day
4. A New Bot
5. Tonight
6. No Time
7. Accusations
8. The Station
9. Human Disaster
10. Happy House

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