Julia Holter scores boxing drama Bleed For This, shares “Fighting Duran”

Julia Holter scores boxing drama Bleed For This, shares "Fighting Duran"

I’m just as skeptical as you are that the world needs another boxing drama, but what if I told you that there’s an upcoming boxing drama scored by Julia Holter? Would that make a difference? Probably not, but at least it means we get new music from Julia Holter!

“Fighting Duran,” the first single released from the Bleed For This OST — out November 18 on Milan Records — is less adventurous stuff than pretty much anything Holter has put out before, even as it retains the melancholic beauty of her wider catalogue. Perhaps the most interesting thing about “Fighting Duran,” though, is its context on the soundtrack, appearing alongside nine more original compositions and Loud City Song standout “Maxim’s I,” but also alongside songs by Bad Company, George Michael, and Billy Squier.

Internet, tell me, has anyone ever put Julia Holter and Bad Company in the same sentence before today? Doubt it. Reality is boundless! The universe is nothing if not infinite possibility!

Bleed For This OST tracklisting:

01. Willis Earl Beal - “Too Dry To Cry”
02. Audio Two - “Top Billin”
03. Julia Holter - “Splitting 10’s”
04. Julia Holter - “A Small Fantasy”
05. George Michael - “Monkey”
06. Billy Squier - “Emotions in Motion”
07. Bad Company - “Rock Steady”
08. Julia Holter - “Maxim’s I”
09. Julia Holter - “Home Movies”
10. Willis Earl Beal - “Disintegrating”
11. Julia Holter - “Fighting Dele”
12. Julia Holter - “ Vinny Vs. Them”
13. Julia Holter - “Not Gonna Fight Again”
14. Willis Earl Beal - “Burning Bridges”
15. Julia Holter - “Fighting Duran”
16. Julia Holter - “Show Me How You Fight”
17. Julia Holter - “Final Round”
18. Julia Holter - “Vinny’s Triumph”

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