Justice set to release new album Woman

Justice set to release new album Woman

Remember when that Justice album came out and the title was just a cross, and you totally played the album on your Zune at house parties? Remember that song featuring Uffie? Remember Uffie? So, it seems like Justice might hold a special place in your life, but now that they’re back with a new album, Woman, due November 18 on Ed Banger Records and Because Music, you must admit you’re old as shit now. I mean, saying, “I gots the dankest memes” to the waitress at Hillstone is a piercing reminder that you don’t have the same sting that you used to.

You just bought two copies of the new Wilco album, and you don’t even like Wilco. You definitely don’t like that person in the mirror. Here’s my trusty rec: pre-order Woman (which happens to feature collaborations with the London Symphony Orchestra, Romuald, Johnny Black, and Morgan Phalen), and then go dust off that Zune, bro. Just walk into a college party and blast that shit! Let there be Justice, and let there be justice for you.

Woman tracklist:

01. Safe And Sound
02. Pleasure
03. Alakazam!
04. Fire
05. Stop
06. Chorus
07. Randy
08. Heavy Metal
09. Love S.O.S
10. Close Call

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