JK Flesh (Justin K Broadrick) announces first EP on Regis’s Downwards label, just as Confucius predicted

JK Flesh (Justin K Broadrick) announces first EP on Regis's Downwards label, just as Confucius predicted
Photo: Kim Sølve

It’s pretty satisfying to see a relationship culminate in the way that you always hoped it would. And just as so many of us were borderline-creepily touched by Jim and Pam finally getting together on the American version of The Office, so many of us in the music world are verging on happy tears now that Justin Broadrick a.k.a. JK Flesh and Karl O’Connor a.k.a. Regis are finally combining their powers in the manner of some sort of fiercely hard-hitting fairy tale.

Broadrick and O’Connor have been oh-so-close to being an item since Birmingham’s 90s techno scene, when the latter first attended some of Broadrick’s first shows with legendary industrial outfit Godflesh. Then, after Broadrick apparently peaced-out of Birmingham for a while to collaborate with Kevin Martin (a.k.a. The Bug) on some more explicitly electronic inclinations, the quite popular Jesu was born.

All the while, though, Broadrick would also periodically unsheathe his formidable JK Flesh solo moniker (most recently on 2012’s Posthuman). And now, joy of joys: Downwards — the exceptional techno label that Regis co-founded and co-runs — is sponsoring the Exit Stance EP on November 27. The release marks JK Flesh’s first for the label (excluding the one single derived from an earlier work). Until next month, sample the magic of this blessed union by listening to Exit Stance’s title track below:

Exit Stance tracklisting:

01. Exit Stance
02. Motivated By Jealousy
03. Bullied By Love
04. Caveman

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