K Records holds out a hand to our robotic brethren, offers digital singles club

K Records holds out a hand to our robotic brethren, offers digital singles club

The singles club has been a longstanding tradition for us fleshy, underground music-loving humanoids. But what about the robots? Untrusting of anything other than digital music files, men and women made of steel and iron have been unable to taste the sweet fruit of a label’s singles club. They have never known the joy of a new Halo Benders 7-inch delivered to their home.

Thanks to K Records, the robots will suffer no longer. The venerable label is launching the K Singles Zip-Pak, a digital single series. Starting on July 1, the label will send subscribers two songs from K Records artists like Mirah, Chain & The Gang, LAKE, Karl Blau, The Strange Boys, and a bunch of other folks. These tracks will be drawn from physical releases for those of us who eat and breathe, like the International Pop Underground 7-inch series, but six weeks ahead of the physical street dates. Along with the delivered tracks, the Zip-Pak will also feature exclusive mixes, bonus songs, live documents, exclusive photos, custom wallpaper, and other special additions to warm the robotic heart.

Although the Zip-Pak is awfully robot friendly, our robot friends will still have to use regular old human money to subscribe to the service. A one-year subscription to the service will be $50, but those who sign up before May 31 will receive an introductory rate of $45.00. Think about what the enterprising robot could do with another $5! It could do anything!

• K Records: http://www.krecs.com
• K Singles Zip-Pak: http://www.krecs.com/KZipPak

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