Kadhja Bonet surprise-releases a three-track EP with outtakes from her last album Childqueen

Kadhja Bonet surprise-releases a three-track EP with outtakes from her last album Childqueen

If you didn’t know yet, Khadja Bonet is everything: a talented singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, and generally a full-on music production company in one person. Bonet’s skill and brilliance were showing in full flair on her LP Childqueen earlier this year, and they’re just as present in the songs that eventually didn’t make it to that album. How do I know? Well, three of those songs were just released under the title Childqueen Outtakes, which is available now on streaming platforms everywhere.

According to the artist, “The Watch,” “Imposter,” and “Wake” didn’t quite fit the album’s tone but nonetheless “deserved to have a life of their own.” A quick listen to the trio reveals why: all are elaborately-arranged, atmospheric miniatures, although slightly on the minimal side of the more upbeat, lavish production of Childqueen. All are definitely worth the 12 or so minutes it’ll take you to give them an uninterrupted listen during lunch break.

In related news: Bonet will be playing a few shows this Fall, in both the United States and Europe. Her New York performance will happen as part of a rad concert series called The Hum, which strives to promote collaboration between exclusively female and non-binary artists.

Listen to the opening track of the EP, “The Watch,” below:

Childqueen tracklisting:

01. Imposter
02. Wake
03. The Watch

Kadhja Bonet tour dates:

10.20.18 - Manchester, UK - Manchester Academy (as part of Strange Waves IV)
10.21.18 - London, UK - The Borderline
10.22.18 - Paris, France - Café De La Danse
10.23.18 - Istanbul, Turkey - Salon ISKV
10.24.18 - Istanbul, Turkey - Salon ISKV
10.26.18 - Madrid, Spain - Primavera Club
10.27.18 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Club
10.28.18 - Gent, Belgium - De Centrale
11. 09.18 - Brooklyn, NY - National Sawdust w/ Little Kruta

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