Kaltès & Nene H. to release Savage EP this February on Eotrax

Kaltès & Nene H. to release Savage EP this February on Eotrax

Squinting at the eye doctor, blurry vision with severe vignette; an inadvertent nosebleed atop a frosted mountain; tattoo shop needle digging in, deep vibrations; first feelings of churning upset stomach after holiday gluttony; shark-cage diving, saline water up nose, disoriented and losing air; a wallop on the head, crazy pain, world going off-kilter tilting and prismatic, spiral and fade.

The klaxons of both resistance and persistence clamor in our heads. Signals are frayed; we’re unsure whether the two complement or contradict each other. Bestial nature takes over.

As brutal as 2017 was — and as 2018 is sure to be — Kaltès & Nene H. of Berlin (where else?) deliver a musical assault to counteract political toxicity, woven together with a Yoko-esque scream. Their new Protest EP’s four outbursts of dizzying reverberations make us question the act of corporeal existence itself: 2x “Resist” + 2x “Persist” make for an unholy palindrome. This thing is terror incarnate; no surprise given the duo’s respective background in the battlegrounds of Tresor and Atonal, essentially electronic music military campaigns. Respect.

The EP lands February 9 (Hey! Just in time for Valentine’s Day) on 12-inch vinyl and/or digital, courtesy of the burgeoning Eotrax imprint. Strap yourself into the teaser down below:

Protest EP tracklisting:

01. Resist
02. Persist (Christina Sealey Remix)
03. Persist
04. Resist (LAIR Remix)

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