kandodo to release sophomore album k2o on Thrill Jockey, water molecules rearrange themselves accordingly

kandodo to release sophomore album k2o on Thrill Jockey, water molecules rearrange themselves accordingly

Look, I might be your average kind of psych loving guy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have standards (slaps back of Ford pickup). These standards have been raised from the infertile soil to the tops of luscious mushrooms trees. And while I’ve been spending all this time harvesting this heavy psych mentality, I’ve come to know a good execution of the genre from a bad one (throws hay bale into back of truck).

(Scene change.) So when folks come asking around about what good kind of psychedelic music experience I would recommend to them, I look into their eyes and say (places clean dishes into dish drying rack), “this here ‘kandodo’ really seems to do the trick (holds up bottle of degreasing liquid).” And then I tell them, “the experience gained from being a member of The Heads really shows in the quality. Not to mention the (Simon P)rice is very reasonable.”

(Another scene change.) And it’s not even the great execution between Krautrock and stoner metal that really does it for me. Much like last year’s self-titled (TMT Review), it how wonderfully these things blend together, the builds and compositions. That’s the kind of magic that can only be made at the hands of a true expert. Go long, buddy! (throws football to son).

(Final scene.) So whether it’s that true drug heavy feeling or as that there press release says, “music that is at once infinite and immediate,” I’m sticking with kandodo, the household name I’ve come to know and trust (rubs face against toilet paper).

• kandodo: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kandodo/168305819900725
• Thrill Jockey: http://www.thrilljockey.com

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