Kanye West finally releases his new fucking album, Jesus Is King

Kanye West finally releases his new fucking album, Jesus Is King
Kanye West tilting his head back slightly and making kind of a weird face but still looking cool.

Remember Kanye West 2016? When he reinstated G.O.O.D. Fridays, unexpectedly dropped a new track, took the new track down, re-upped the new track, took the new track down again, re-upped the new track again, took the new track down again, re-upped the new track again, took the new track down again, re-upped the final version of the new track, re-named his new album from So Help Me God to SWISH, announced the album’s release date, missed the next G.O.O.D. Friday single, upped that new single the following Monday, tweeted SWISH’s tracklist, renamed SWISH to Waves, posted its revised tracklist, posted yet another revised tracklist, announced the album/Yeezy Season 3 premiere event at Madison Square Garden, teased a new “secret” album title, announced the new title as The Life of Pablo, announced a new clothing line for kids, revealed another revised tracklist, dropped the cover art, dropped another possible version of the cover art, launched his Yeezy Season 3 line and premiered The Life of Pablo at MSG, upped another new track for G.O.O.D. Fridays, revealed that the new song is on an even newer version of the tracklist, missed the album’s release date because Chance The Rapper fought to get an older song back on the tracklist, went back to the studio to finish the song and master the album, revealed who Pablo is (Paul the Apostle), and performed twice on Saturday Night Live before finally, finally, FINALLY releasing his new album, The Life of Pablo, only to revise it several times afterward?

I do. Which is why the rollout for his new album, Jesus Is King, is not all that bad, as long as you ignore the fact that another album, Yandhi, was actually supposed to come out first — it was originally slated to come out over a year ago, then delayed until November 2018 for more recording sessions in Uganda, then shelved indefinitely soon after, then the VICTIM of several notorious leaks — that Jesus Is King has had three different tracklists, that the accompanying performance documentary was initially announced as Jesus Is Lord but is now also titled Jesus Is King, that last-minute mixing and re-recording (announced the day of its broken release date) is the reason it had been rescheduled for two days later, that it had been delayed again with no word on why, that it was later reported as having no confirmed release date because Kanye was apparently still tweaking it, that Kanye was holding weekly Sunday Service performances around the world without saying a word about the missed release dates, that he was too busy releasing short af trailers for the documentary (including one that was taken down within an hour of its upload) to formally address the holdup, that he finally announced today as the actual release date from his own Twitter account without addressing the missed release dates, that he announced yet another new album called Jesus Is Born (scheduled for Christmas Day 2019) before Jesus Is King was even released, that midnight EST came and went with no album in sight, that he tweeted 18 minutes after midnight CST how he was still mixing three songs and won’t sleep until the album is finished, that he obviously still went to bed and had a fantastic rest while his fanbase was looking up different timezones and posting memes, before FINALLY releasing Jesus Is King around 1 PM EST.

So, yeah, the rollout for Jesus Is King has been great, in comparison!!

Get your Jesus Is King album here (or here), Jesus Is King apparel here, and Jesus Is King IMAX tix here. Waiting for a leak so you can save money? Don’t wanna shell out dollars for a 30-minute film subtitled “A Kanye West Film”? Refuse to buy a $170 hoodie?? GET OUTTA HERE!! WE CAPITALISTS, SON!!

Jesus Is King tracklist:

01. Every Hour
02. Selah
03. Follow God
04. Closed on Sunday
05. On God
06. Everything We Need
07. Water
08. God Is
09. Hands On
10. Use This Gospel
11. Jesus Is Lord

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