Karl Blau announces new album Out Her Space, possibly as he gets UP IN YOUR SPACE more than usual

Karl Blau announces new album Out Her Space, possibly as he gets UP IN YOUR SPACE more than usual
Photo: Jason Quigley

Well, now that we’ve got the introduction out of the way, we can begin the post-introduction introduction. And with any luck, Karl Blau will reach peak acquaintance in 30 years, after he’s already released approximately 630 records-as-handshakes.

The musician proudly bred in the Pacific Northwest has admitted to flanneling under the radar prior to the release of his anachronistically-titled album last year, which is a little baffling, given both his prior affiliation with the influential K Records and the fact that he’s released an almost-literal ton of music the traditional way and through a subscription series that he ran beginning in the early aughts. Self-promotion, though, has never seemed to Blau like a necessary companion to creativity. But maybe now that Bella Union, his newfound label partner, is putting it in a bit of the advertising legwork, that’ll all change for the better. (Perhaps the fact that this very article exists might be pretty good evidence for just such a shift?)

Heck, Blau’s forcoming album, the Tucker Martine-produced Out Her Space, is being professionally gossiped about right now! And hey, speaking of gossip, can you dudes please get the fuck away from any women on whom you’re potentially breathing-on so heavily!? The title of the album is said to have stemmed from a Blauian complaint in that vein, while from a musical standpoint, the album subtly deals with similarly trending topics. American politics is obviously pretty hot right now, and the track “Poor The War Way” (listenable below), though reportedly written during that lovely “dubya” period, rings just as true today as when it was written.

The whole shebang is out November 17, but damned if it hasn’t already got one of those slick, fancy, modern pre-order link things all set up for it! Can you even believe it?!?

Out Her Space tracklisting:

01. Slow Children
02. Poor the War Away
03. Beckon
04. Valley of Sadness
05. Blue as My Name
06. I’ve Got the Sounds (Like You’ve Got the Blues)
07. Where Ya Goin’ Papa
08. Dub the War Away

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