Kelly Moran announces Origin EP on Warp

Kelly Moran announces Origin EP on Warp
Photo: Tim Saccenti

Kelly Moran has unearthed new music: Origin, an EP available May 17 on Warp, is a compendium to last year’s Ultraviolet, featuring demos and unreleased material from that album. According to Moran, “These recordings show firsthand my musical discoveries in real-time for when I was having my major creative breakthrough.”

Among the new prepared piano tracks is “Helix II,” a kind of supplement to the original. There’s also “Water Music,” “Reflexive Music,” and “Halogen,” which illustrate how the finished Ultraviolet pieces developed. Most curious is “Love Birds, Night Birds, Devil-Birds,” which began in collaboration with visual artist Cassie McQuaters for a three-channel video installation for the Frieze Los Angeles Art Fair; McQuaters has since been providing visuals for Moran’s recent live performances.

There are seven songs in all. Here one of them, “Night Music,” here, and then pre-order the EP before its May 17 release.

You can also hear the mechanical beauty of the prepared piano in person, as Kelly Moran will be performing live throughout the summer. Check out the dates here:

04.27.19 - Durham, NC - Moogfest @ Carolina Theatre - Fletcher Hall
05.03.19 - San Francisco, CA - MUTEK SF @ Herbst Theater
05.11.19 - Charlotte, NC - END-to-END @ Camp North End
05.20.19 - Brooklyn, NY - Roulette
05.30.19 - Halifax, Canada - OBEY Convention
06.06.19 - Paris, France - Villette Sonique
07.20.19 - Barcelona, Spain - Sónar (Grand Piano A/V Live)
08.29.19 - 09.01.19 - Dorset, UK - End of the Road Fest

Origin EP tracklist:

01. Reflexive Music (Autowave)
02. Helix II
03. Halogen (Una Corda)
04. Love Birds, Night Birds, Devil-Birds
05. Water Music (Piano Solo)
06. Helix (Piano Solo)
07. Night Music

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