Kenny Segal to release Happy Little Trees on Ruby Yacht, premieres “Big Decisions”

Kenny Segal to release Happy Little Trees on Ruby Yacht, premieres "Big Decisions"
Here comes your bravery test...

You’ve heard Kenny Segal if you’ve listened to any of the three most recent Milo albums.

You’ve also heard Kenny Segal if you’ve checked out any of the three installments in his Kenstrumentals beat tape series.

Despite this, however, you’ve NEVER heard Kenny Segal quite like this. That’s because Happy Little Trees — coming later this month on digital, CD and vinyl formats — is in fact, as Kenny puts it, his first “proper full length instrumental ‘artist album’ ever.”

A “fully fleshed” response to the beats-by-numbers culture “where Ableton classes have replaced trade and technical colleges, and sample packs abound full of premade loops and sounds,” Happy Little Trees is neither happy nor little; its 11 songs cover 41 minutes of “contemplative,” instrumental music featuring “electric bass, sax, flute, rhodes, as well as acoustic and electric guitar” and “also a bunch of sounds from [Kenny’s] weirdo synth collection, including a circuit bent omnichord, circuit bent casio sk5, yamaha psr, moog opus, and casio cz101.” Throw in some guitar pedals and an SP404 for effect, and the result is likely to be as fly as a sea gull and deadly as Steven Seagal (no relation to either).

Happy Little Trees is out October 19 via Ruby Yacht. Pre-order it here and stream the TMT premiere of its second single, “Big Decisions,” down below:

Happy Little Trees tracklisting:

01. little trees
02. big decisions
03. sick day
04. cole’s final
05. debushy
06. every morning
07. adultswimtypebeat
08. then everyone went home
09. black gesso
10. academic achievement charm
11. slow drip

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