Khaki Blazer to release Coco Nara Deezer via Experimedia

Khaki Blazer to release Coco Nara Deezer via Experimedia

In fashion, in life, the khaki blazer does not exactly scream “bold.” That’s entirely the fault of khaki, a color that is, by definition, dull. Never ever has someone seen a khaki anything (let alone a blazer) and viewed it as “an interesting choice” or “an out-there experiment” or maybe even “a little bit terrifying.” That’s where Khaki Blazer, the musical project of Mothcock member Patrick Modugno, comes in. Khaki Blazer, the music, will change your associations with khaki blazer, the blazer, forever.

On Coco Nara Deezer, his new album under the Khaki Blazer moniker, Modugno samples and samples (and samples) a large swath of sounds from god knows where, crafting frenetic collages that are as impressive as they are strange as they are kind of completely insane. At times, listening to this album is like listening to that clip of all the Billy Mays ads being played at once, and I mean that in the best way possible. If ever there was an album to unlock some completely unhinged dance moves in yourself that you didn’t even know you were capable of, it would be Coco Nara Deezer.

Listen to“Half Wedge” below, and if it doesn’t manage to melt your psyche too much, be sure to check out Coco Nara Deezer in full, when it is released on October 14 via Experimedia digitally and on vinyl.

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