Kickstarter created for Daniel Johnston-starring film Hi, How Are You: A Short Film, so yeah, go kickstart it already

Kickstarter created for Daniel Johnston-starring film Hi, How Are You: A Short Film, so yeah, go kickstart it already

Hi, how are you? I’m okay. No complaints. Well, actually, I guess I’m feeling a little lowdown today… but nothing really serious. I think it’s just the few bad nights’ sleep I’ve gotten lately. Well, that and some issues I’m having with trying to be a little more strict with my intake of dairy to work on some of my skin issues. That shit is just always worse for me in the winter, you know? But it’s so stressful at work right now, and my workout schedule is just fucked and crazy, and my girlfriend has been driving me up a wall with this stupid… well, never mind. I’m good! I actually mostly just wanted to let you know that Hi, How Are You, a “collaborative short film by a group of dedicated Daniel Johnston fans” (including the creators of the film Archie’s Final Project, and starring Johnston himself) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get itself made so that you can watch it and enjoy it and then like it on Facebook. Check it:

It’s a musical tale of an aging artist encountering psychedelic dreams, nightmares, and characters from his past. We began shooting with a simple outline: an intimate interview between Daniel and his younger self addressing his most prolific and maddening era. Our hope was to bring his stories, memories and art to life. What ensued during shooting was beyond anything our crew could have hoped for. Daniel not only opened up and told stories none of us had ever heard, but embraced and relished the idea of speaking with his younger self, gifting advice and warnings from the future. That became the backbone of our script. As shooting continued Daniel interacted with imaginary creatures from his cast of Spirit World characters like Jeremiah and Joe the Boxer. It was a truly unreal and moving experience. The result is something that will appeal not only to Daniel fans, but to any artist trying to find their way.

Dig it? Then get over there and support that shit ASAP. There’s only a few weeks left, and there’s plenty of fun incentives like free downloads of the film and soundtrack and end-credit listings and signed merch and whatnot. It’s fun. And, oh jeez, I’m sorry! You never told me how you were, did you?

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