Kickstarter launched for comprehensive documentary about Swans

Kickstarter launched for comprehensive documentary about Swans

Announcing the end of an incarnation of a continuing 35-plus-year project is a pretty good time to stop and look back at your career so far. Which is exactly what Michael Gira and his Swans beast will be doing after officially sanctioning a comprehensive documentary — a first for the behemoth band.

Directed by Marco Porsia, who has had exclusive access to the band filming their live shows since 2010 (a.k.a the most badass Swans era ever), the documentary is titled Where Does A Body End and is set to feature not only exclusive footage from the current era, but also deep archival material and interviews with Swans past and present, Gira himself (obviously), and other musical luminaries like Thurston Moore, Kid Congo Powers, Karen O, Ben Frost and Sun O))).

Where Does A Body End is expected in March 2018, but you can help make that dream a reality by getting involved in the project’s Kickstarter to help fund the time and therapy bills involved in piecing together a project as dark and enigmatic as Swans. Funding the campaign gets you exclusive access to goodies such as a shout-out in the credits, exclusive t-shirts, necklaces, and oak-encased copies of the film.

Go pledge your support now or risk an afterlife of regret tormented by the ice-cold stare of Michael Gira.

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