Killer Mike and El-P announce Run The Jewels release date, learn a lot about each other, themselves

Killer Mike and El-P announce Run The Jewels release date, learn a lot about each other, themselves

For a couple of dudes who like to mess around with robotic soundscapes and apocalyptic bellowing, the friendship of El-P and Killer Mike is pretty heartwarming. The pair got together last year for Mike’s R.A.P. Music (also, Mike guested on El’s Cancer For Cure), a creative partnership so fruitful that they decided they should up and do it again. Hence, the duo’s new project Run the Jewels, who are releasing their self-titled debut through Fool’s Gold on June 26.

What’s friends without more friends, though? Surely, the likes of Big Boi and Prince Paul, two mighty names in hip-hop, are friends with Mike and El. Slightly more of a wild card is electronic musician Until The Ribbon Breaks, but his unnerving electro-pop still fits in with these guys. Point is, all of these aforementioned names have guest spots on the record.

Basking in this communal glow, the pair are sharing the album with the world for the price of no money whatsoever. It will be a free download on Fool’s Gold’s site. That said, if you would like to give them money, you have many options to do so. Most conventionally, you could go for the CD or vinyl editions, the latter of which includes a record of instrumentals, a poster, and a full lyrics sheet. Roughly on the same level of convention, you could go for a Run the Jewels shirt. On a distinctly different level, you could buy the group’s herb grinder, because, hey, why not. Or you could just buy all of this stuff in one huge $85 package. Well, no matter what you do, it’s all available for pre-order now.

Run the Jewels tracklist:

01. Run the Jewels
02. Banana Clipper (feat. Big Boi)
03. 36” Chain
04. DDFH
05. Sea Legs
06. Job Well Done (feat. Until the Ribbon Breaks)
07. No Come Down
08. Get It
09. Twin Hype Back (feat. Prince Paul)
10. A Christmas Fucking Miracle

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