The Kills (plural) set to release Blood Pressures (plural)

The Kills (plural) set to release Blood Pressures (plural)

The duo may be going the way of the Dodo, but not just yet. The Kills turned a lot of heads with 2008’s Midnight Boom (Domino), incorporating beats and honest-to-goodness melody into their songs of turmoil and apocalyptic woe, and now the enigmatic duo is set to return April 4 with Blood Pressures. The new LP reportedly harkens back to that groovy Kills sound you initially fell head-over-heels for while also boasting “sexually charged lyricism” and a “fuller sound,” both of which make these new songs not merely songs, but “complex creatures.”

Now there’s an LP title.

Just sayin’.

Blood Pressures tracklist:

01. Future Starts Slow
02. Satellite
03. Heart Is A Beating Drum
04. Nail In My Coffin
05. Wild Charms
06. DNA
07. Baby Says
08. Last Goodbye
09. Damned If She Do
10. You Don’t Own The Road
11. Pots and Pans

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