Klein to perform and direct new musical play, Care, next month at London’s ICA

Klein to perform and direct new musical play, Care, next month at London’s ICA

Unless you’ve successfully managed to OBLITERATE pesky-ol’ 2017 from your mind with some sort of suspiciously simple magical spell, you may recall how, as part of our rolling coverage of South London-based experimental artist Klein and her unstoppable hot streak, we reported back in June about how she had just signed to Hyperdub and premiered a “coming of age” musical at the the London New Music Biennale to celebrate.

If you’re feeling really sharp, you may also recall that the phrase “gradual journey toward the all-elusive Grammy’s invite” was used to describe her multidisciplinary talents.

Well, it’s now 2018, and the Klein-train keeps rolling; this time in the form of the debut of her latest musical called Care, which is described as a “fantasy musical set in a children’s care home.” Klein has gone full triple-threat this time, too; writing, directing, and scoring the work.

You can see Care on it’s premiere run at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London on February 3 and 4. Not that you would, but don’t go expecting big broadway numbers and tap dancing, the compositions have been described as ones which “spasmodically summon euphoric strains of gospel music and influences as diverse as Nigerian B-movies, Andrew Lloyd-Webber musicals, Disney films and the reality TV show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

Oh, and did I accidentally say “triple threat” up there?? Because I meant QUADRUPPLE THREAT: Klein’s also written a new book to accompany the musical, illustrated by artist Evie O’Connor (see the artwork down below). You can get more details and tickets here — and in case you didmanage to erase last year your brain, you can reacquaint yourself with the whole “Klein vibe” by watching the clip down below the artwork.

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