Klein to premiere new “coming-of-age” musical at London’s New Music Biennial

Klein to premiere new "coming-of-age" musical at London's New Music Biennial

It’s worth paying special attention to a coming-of-age story when it’s presented by Klein, because the London-based artist is just now getting her musical footing subsequent to a childhood infused with “intense” religiosity. She remarked in a recent interview on how neither her mom nor the rest of her Nigerian family are aware that she makes music, and her mom in particular would, according to Klein, only approve if demi-goddess Beyoncé herself got on the ringer to spout effusive praise of the decidedly abstract musician’s work.

TMT, however, has a much lower threshold for success than that; so here we stand, ready to embrace Klein with open arms following the release of her debut album ONLY (one of our favorites of 2016), as well as her follow-up EP Lagata (she also has a guest spot on Laurel Halo’s upcoming album).

Next up on Klein’s gradual journey toward the all-elusive Grammy’s invite: a “coming-of-age musical piece centered around youth, love and death,” premiering July 7 at London’s New Music Biennial, a non-profit event dedicated to promoting boundary-pushing music from around the UK. Klein’s new piece is said to combine “operatic undertones” with “traditional Shakespearian tragedies,” and if you’re familiar with her work so far, you’d freely posit those themes/styles to be right in her wheelhouse.

Here’s more info on the upcoming event, and in the mean time, check out Klein’s video for “Marks of Worship” and her collaboration with Laurel Halo down below:

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