Knxwledge announces another demonstration of musical brainpower, Hud Dreems on Stones Throw

Knxwledge announces another demonstration of musical brainpower, Hud Dreems on Stones Throw

Stop and smell the flowers lately?

Well, not to take away from your seasonal pursuit of odorous pleasures, but consider this a recurring PSA: in the time it took for a bee to surprise-jump off an objectified flower, fly down your throat, and sting your pancreas multiple times, the New Jersey-born but Hollywood-residing producer Knxwledge has let loose a whopping kajillion releases, all the while making a single morning’s breakfast and catching up on local politics via the web. “Prolific” is a word rather liberally thrown around to describe artist output these days, but rest assured, Glen Boothe’s discography for sure approaches the epitome. Countless beats and a noteworthy contribution to Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly have now led to a debut release on Stones Throw!

Hud Dreems” is the name, and it’s out in a mere one week on May 5 (wait until June 30 for the double LP). It features 26 tracks (mirroring the age of the tireless fellow), and… what else can really be said about it? Boothe has previously clarified that his sample-ridden action is almost unconscious at this point, so even though the forthcoming might end up being a blip, that doesn’t mean that it won’t be worthwhile.

Check out a review we did of an EP here, and kindly note the flute transition on the following Hud Dreems single:

Hud Dreems tracklisting:

01. kometostai.aintreallynootherwaytoputitro
02. time&tide
03. tkekareofit
04. mylife
05. shuremng
06. noflowrs[instrw]
07. dntfall
08. frmnowhere
09. thtroll
10. letuleave.[geekdop]
11. onlijournitro
12. thtbodi
13. bodies[TOTW]
14. behindme
15. faraway
16. flyinglizrds
17. mydesire[fortwin][vanuys]
18. trsh
19. jstowee
20. nvrending
21. stilluhme
22. Aintitovr
23. demskreets.fekts
24. beleeveibne
25. rightaftr[THK]
26. okaiokai

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