Kode9 and Burial team up for the last in Fabric’s mix series, Fabriclive 100

Kode9 and Burial team up for the last in Fabric's mix series, Fabriclive 100

At the risk of wearing out the pages in my thesaurus for the words “monumental,” “legendary,” and “historic,” allow me to bring you the very good news that Kode9 and Burial have joined virtuosic forces for what will be the 100th (and final!) installment in the Fabric Records mix series, Fabriclive 100. Quick, someone get me a towel, I’m practically drenched in enigma!

While the duo are keeping the tracklisting private until release day, we do have some kernels of information about what to expect, and my job is to take those kernels and reverse-engineer them into a corncob of a news story, so here we go! This is what we know: the mix is 74-minutes-long (!), will be released on CD on September 28 and a 4xLP unmixed vinyl edition on November 2 (!!), and it can be pre-ordered here (!!!). There is also some album cover art (!!!!). Hey, that’s actually a pretty solid amount of information!

But that’s all. I’m out of kernels. But at least we’re all gonna be basking in the prestige of this one all day! Go ahead! Go forth and bask! Pre-order the record first, but then, you know, bask away!

me and will - mix done - cheers

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