Kranky to release new Earthen Sea album, An Act of Love

Kranky to release new Earthen Sea album, An Act of Love

Following 2015’s Ink, Jacob Long’s (Mi Ami) Earthen Sea project will deliver yet another batch of vaporous ambient dub with new record An Act of Love, out early next year on Kranky.

The album, according to the label, is the result of a particularly challenging period in Long’s life. He says:

This record was made over the course of the most emotionally difficult and stressful year in my life thus far. As such, it is both a reflection of that experience and also something that gave me space to begin working through issues to see a way forward, to a better place both psychically and physically.

An Act of Love is accordingly both delicate and foreboding, a cautious affirmation of life and an acknowledgement of a still-looming sense of vulnerability. As Kranky says, the album was “inspired by internal tribulations and the experience of exploring an empty nocturnal metropolis” and “showcases a musician in the midst of transcendent redefinition, crafting an immersive language of texture and motion.”

An Act of Love is out February 17. Listen to “About That Time” here:

An Act of Love tracklisting:

01. The Present Mist
02. About That Time
03. Delicately In the Sunlight
04. Apparent Lushness
05. Exuberant Burning
06. Above the Clouds
07. The Flats 1975
08. Also An Act of Love

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