Kuedo returns to the director’s chair with new Planet Mu full-length Slow Knife

Kuedo returns to the director's chair with new Planet Mu full-length Slow Knife
Photo: Jojoi Koyama

SCVSCV originally made the point about Kuedo’s music being more than suitable for a cinematic sci-fi epic, and even though songs like “Flight Path” blatantly traverse a futuristic Los Angeles in which Edward James Olmos performs the most fantastic origami feats the world has ever known, we certainly shouldn’t assume Jamie Teasdale’s overwhelming preference for one particular movie genre. My impression of last year’s Assertion of a Surrounding Presence EP is that it’s more reminiscent of a hypothetical world in which Matt Damon is trying to recover knowledge about his history as a special ops person for the CIA. The CIA doesn’t want to him to discover this supremely classified information, so they send gangs of combat-trained missionaries after him in order to forcibly convert him to Christianity. Jason Bourne-Again would obviously be the tentative title here.

Anyway! The production on that EP was seemingly a step-up from Kuedo’s still-worthwhile Severant full-length four years earlier, and now Kuedo’s continuing the cinematic inspiration with a proper indication of his return: Slow Knife, out October 14 on Planet Mu. This new album is said to consist of “almost two albums” that have the following screen endeavors (and their scores) serving as inspiration: Michael Mann’s Manhunter, Angel Heart, Night of the Hunter, and HBO’s True Detective series. Mica Levi’s peering score for Under the Skin was reportedly also a big influence.

The track “In Your Sleep” below sounds decidedly fresh, however, and the newfound vocals totally work, in my opinion:

Slow Knife tracklisting:

01. Hourglass
02. Under The Surface
03. In Your Sleep (feat. Hayden Thorpe)
04. Bending Moon
05. Slow Knife
06. Floating Forest
07. Love Theme
08. Approaching
09. Broken Fox - Black Hole (feat. Koenraad Ecker)
10. Breaking The Surface
11. In Your Skin
12. Warmer Light
13. Halogen Light
14. Lathe

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