Kurt Vile of Philly Signs with Matador of New York, Declares Self “The White Jay-Z” on Controversial Fall Album

Aw naw! I thought this week couldn't get any better: first it was a big-screen viewing of The Elephant Man, then came the unofficial arrival (and imminent release) of J Dilla's pahty masterpiece, then I bought that two-hour Jim O'Rourke re-issue on Streamline, finalized by a packet of Swiss Miss taken straight. Satiated, I settled back into my plush TMT office chair and took in the remaining minutes of a slow Friday.

AND THEN KURT VILE SIGNED TO MATADOR, PAVING THE WAY TO MEGASTARDOM and also a multi-album deal! Legally this means Matador officials are given clearance to prod the young singer/songwriter within the limits of the law until he puts out >100 songs.

Presumably he knew people would be excited about the news, so the man of many hits has decided to get contractual obligation #1 out the door fast. Recorded in one sitting (a la Van Morrison's classic Contractual Obligation Session), Vile called on industry heavyweights Scott Storch and Polow Tha Don to iron over any errors in the recording process. As a test run, Storch edited Vile's discography thus far (Consant Hitmaker last year, The Hunchback EP and God Is Saying This to You... more recently) to a more manageable 13-minute "best of," and some of the records' more experimental leanings were layered over an "indie-edit" of "Contagious," one of the hottest Storch beats off Ludacris' Theater of the Mind.

NO! Kurt Vile will be releasing Childish Prodigy on CD/LP this Fall on the esteemed Matador Records, and it'll probably be incredible. Vile will also be heard blowing his dumped trumpet all over Blues Control's Siltbreeze debut. Until then, hold hands with a loved one, and reflect on your enduring psychic connections.

Thanks to [Phrequency for the tip!]

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