Kyle Craft comes back around to release second album Full Circle Nightmare next year on Sub Pop

Kyle Craft comes back around to release second album Full Circle Nightmare next year on Sub Pop
Photo: Jeremy Kale Padot

Maybe it’s my lack of artistic imagination or something — but when I hear the phrase “full circle nightmare,” the first thing I picture is the inevitable day when I have to begrudgingly accept the help of my children (who secret-hate me) getting my giant pull-up diapers around my saggy, pockmarked, incontinent ass.

Thank GOD Portland-based, Louisiana-born singer/songwriter Kyle Craft seems to be a little more creative than I am. In his much more capable mind, Full Circle Nightmare instead becomes the title of his latest slice of hyper-quirky, Marc Bolan-VS-John Fogerty, southern gothic space rock. (Just a tad more fun to think about, no?)

The 10-track long-player — due February 2, 2018 courtesy of the imagineers over at Sub Pop and pre-orderable now on every viable playback format ever invented — was produced by The Decemberists’ Chris Funk and mixed by Trevor Spencer, along with the Helio Sequence’s Benjamin Weikel and Brandon Summers. It was also the first time the troubadour set foot in a “proper” studio and used a full band to adequately capture his rollicking, Martian swamp-rock. “I always wanted to go to a legitimate studio and do what my all my old heroes did,” Craft says. “We did it live with the band.”

For a little taste of the results, check out the nifty, lyric-video-transcending clip for the album’s first single “Heartbreak Junky” down below. Its visual component was directed by the One Hundred/Swanson Studio team and brings the album’s seamy saloon cover concept (shot by brothers Peter and Laki Karavias) to life. Also, check out the cover art itself — as well as the album’s full tracklisting and several dates clustered around the album’s release — down below.

And now, in the interest of coming full circle: please take a moment to once again think piteously about my jaundiced, geriatric BUTT (Sorry in advance).

Full Circle Nightmare tracklisting:

01. Fever Dream Girl
02. Full Circle Nightmare
03. Heartbreak Junky
04. The Rager
05. Exile Rag
06. Belmont (One Trick Pony)
07. Slick & Delta Queen
08. Fake Magic Angel
09. Bridge City Rose
10. Gold Calf Moan​

Handcrafted Kyle Craft live dates:

11.16.17 - Seattle, WA - The Moore Theatre
02.01.18 - Seattle, WA - Tractor Tavern
02.02.18 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir

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