La Luz announce new album Floating Features, out this May on Hardly Art

La Luz announce new album Floating Features, out this May on Hardly Art
Photo: Vikesh Kapoor

You know how you never got how your mom got so hooked on those daytime soap operas? The ones that always started in media res from yearlong narrative arcs, long, labyrinthian plotlines that seemed to go on perpetually. How many times can a creative team remix people getting their forbidden loves on?

Well, maybe if the soaps were more like La Luz’s latest, we’d get it a bit more. Not bad that the video combines a shot of the occult mixed with the cheesiest (in the best possible way) of action-TV procedurals from back in the day. A dash of “Too Many Cooks” doesn’t hurt either.

Not-coincidentally, The LA-based band also has a new album coming out. Their third on the Hardly Art label, this one’s called Floating Features, and it arrives on LP, CD, digital, and even cassette on May 11. Pre-order it here and check out that video — as well as the album cover art, full tracklisting, and a few floaty spring tour dates — down below:

Floating Features tracklisting:

01. Floating Features
02. Cicada
03. Loose Teeth
04. Mean Dream
05. California Finally
06. The Creature
07. My Golden One
08. Lonely Dozer
09. Greed Machine
10. Walking into the Sun
11. Don’t Leave Me on the Earth

La Luz on tour:

02.17.18 - Brooklyn, NY - Elsewhere
03.10.18 - Phoenix, AZ - Flying Burrito Festival
03.11.18 - El Paso, TX - The Monarch
03.13.18 - 03.17.18 - Austin, TX - SXSW
03.18.18 - Dallas, TX - Not So Fun Festival
03.20.18 - Tucson, AZ - 191 Toole
04.26.18 - Austin, TX - Levitation Festival

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