Lake People announces debut LP on Permanent Vacation, and don’t even get me started on river people

Lake People announces debut LP on Permanent Vacation, and don't even get me started on river people

German house producer Martin Enke a.k.a. Lake People got some attention back in 2012 with his Point in Time EP, which touring DJs like Dixon & Ame gave substantial play. Enke kept releasing EPs and remixing artists like Lusine and Atavism, getting him more bookings and allowing him to hone his live show. Now, he’s finally dropped details of the first Lake People LP, Purposely Uncertain Field, which will see a release via Permanent Vacation early next year.

According to the press release, “Above his straighter dancefloor aspects Martin elaborates his approaches to a certain mid-90’s electronica vibe and ambient-like soundscapes with a very cinematic feel to it.” Did I just hear electronica? Sign this trip-hop honey up. And while we’re signing up, can I just say that I’ve always found lake people to be pleasant, but that I really can’t stand river people? You guys know what I’m talking about, and Martin Enke definitely does. River people: they sit alongside a river, drink shitty beer, laze in the sun like they’re at a beach, and occasionally hop into an inflatable tube to slowly drift to an unknown destination. It just makes me sick. Lake people, on the other hand, are respectable. Purposely Uncertain Field is out February 6, so if you’re not a river person, you should check it out.

Purposely Uncertain Field tracklist:

01. Escape Velocity
02. Drifting Red
03. Entangled
04. Lamb Shift
05. Cooping
06. Orb
07. Illuminated
08. Blackpoint
09. Bora
10. Glease 29
11. Distance

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