Larry Gus announces third album on DFA, pledges fealty to no corporate entity

Larry Gus announces third album on DFA, pledges fealty to no corporate entity
Photo: Kostantia Manthou

Who is Larry Gus?

The artist born in rural Greece might be the first to scoff at his supposed name recognition, but there’s no doubt that Panagiotis Melidis (which is his actual name) has come a long way from when he was “merely” on track to get a masters degree in Sound and Music Computing.

DFA sponsored two Larry Gus albums in 2013 and 2015, and in the intervening period, Melidis entered the Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo and also starred in a humor-driven documentary about his life that premiered at the Athens International Film Festival. Self-deprecation and spontaneous ass cheeks are a big part of his life, FYI — excluding all that “music production” and “having a family” stuff, of course.

Speakingof the music production stuff, Larry Gus is releasing Subservient via DFA on October 25, and though there isn’t yet a ton of background on the album itself, you might be able to glean something from the first single, “Taped Hands Here,” listenable below. The dude clearly has a knack for songwriting in the electronic pop vein. No negative words about Borges, please. Pre-order the album here and you’ll also receive a free 7-inch.

Subservient tracklisting:

01. Total Diseases
02. A Likely Projection
03. Text of Intent
04. Taped Hands Here
05. In This Position
06. Ayler the Pilot
07. The Sun Sections
08. Readers and Authors
09. Classifying a Disease
10. Bare Concrete

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