Laurent Jeanneau (Kink Gong)-curated compilation of Laotian sounds coming on Akuphone in September

Laurent Jeanneau (Kink Gong)-curated compilation of Laotian sounds coming on Akuphone in September

Unlike some objects and images representing the histories and persons of less-exposed groups throughout the world, traditional music needs no explanation. And while some intricately interwoven historical information is helpful, hearing uncommon instruments and ageless acoustic practices is no impediment whatsoever to the pure enjoyment one can derive from any “non-native” sound.

But you still need someone like Kink Gong to get those sounds to you.
The self-taught ethnologist Kink Gong — born Laurent Jeanneau — has been procuring and recording off-flung music (mostly from South-East Asia) for years, presenting them as is through a string of adventurous labels (Sublime Frequencies, Loup, Atavistic, Discrepant) or recomposing them into new sonic settings. His latest batch, culled from Laos between 2006-2013, will be available September 21 on Akuphone.

For Music of Southern and Northern Laos, Jeanneau has compiled a treasure trove of Laotian instrument sounds and songs from the southern provinces of Champasak, Attapeu, Sekong, and Saravan — as well as from Luang Namtha and Phongsaly in the north. A wide variety of mouth harps and organs, flutes, gongs, and assorted percussion mingle with distinctive solo and layered vocal performances to provide a truly unique perspective into the rich and profound musical traditions of Laos.

Previews of both the South and North Laos sounds can be heard below. Click the links to pre-order Southern Laos and Northern Laos LPs separately (the CD contains both albums) or get both vinyls as a bundle here.

Music of Southern and Northern Laos:

01. Brao lave gongs
02. Ta oy courting song
03. Triang pao kabang
04. Nyaheun “jeu phawn peng gawng ploung ken”
05. Katu Song
06. Lao Lam Saravan
07. Oy Duet
08. Alak Songs
09. Alak Khene Molam
10. Pacoh Trio
11. White Hmong - “Queej”
12. Lantene (Moon) Women
13. Khmu Ou - “Tot”
14. Khmu Ou - “Pi”
15. Akha - “Chuluba”
16. Bit - “Protect the Forest”
17. Dark Blue Yao (Moon) Ceremony
18. Akha - “New Year Song”
19. Khmu - “Jiakoot”

Kink Gong live:

09.06-09.18 - Barcelos, Portugal - Milhoes de Festa
09.11.18 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Alice #
09.12.18 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Alice $

# artist talk
$ Jaleh Negari

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